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Portraits/Group Sessions

Q: What can we expect at a group event portrait session at our club or event?

A: CHYRISSE Photography will set up a camera in a “scenic” location on the premises which is conducive to lighting and will not interfere with the on-going business.  At group events like community clubhouses or assisted living facilities, photos will be taken on a “first come, first serve” basis and should take approximately 10 minutes per person or couple. Depending on the event or request, the person will be provided with a “souvenir” photograph approximately one week later with an option to purchase a package.

Q: Are proof sheets available for viewing at group events?

A: Yes, if negotiated in advance. Watermarked proofs may be delivered electronically or in person.  In some circumstances, “sneak peek” viewing may be performed immediately after the photo session, depending upon time availability.

Q: Do you offer lump sum or hourly rates?

A:  Both!  This is why it is important to state exactly what you are interested in achieving.  Costs vary according to private or group photos, the number of people in the photo (one person versus several), and travel to the location.  Group photos, such as corporate group shots, are often more time-consuming and difficult because one person may blink and make an undesirable face, thus, making it difficult to achieve the desirable look.  Editing time is increased if “anti-aging” retouching is performed on every person.

Q:  I want to look a lot younger in the photos? What can I reasonably expect?

A:  Facial and hand skin will be smoothed, eyes and teeth will be brightened, and fine lines or undereye wrinkles will be softened.  For women, make-up may be enhanced, such as lips and liner.  If desired, chins and jowls may be reduced and waists and stomachs may be enhanced to create a more slenderized appearance.  However, all of the post-production editing will be conservative so not to achieve a fake or “mannequin” appearance.

Q: Will I receive a CD ROM or print photos?

A: You will receive your preference, which will be determined in advance of the session.

Q:  Will the photos have a watermark?

A:  Portrait or corporate photos will not have a watermark.

Q:  Will I own the photograph?

A:  If the photograph is delivered via digital format and not used for commercial purposes (e.g., advertising, posters, billboards, magazines), you and Rock At Night Photography own the photograph.  If the photograph is intended for commercial purposes, then a license fee will be required.  If the photograph is delivered in print format, the ownership belongs to CHYRISSE Photography.

Music Photography

Q: Will there be a watermark on my photo?

A: If the photos are delivered electronically to be used for social media, a watermark will be included.  If the photos are to be used for commercial purposes (EP, CD, posters, advertising) then a license fee will be required and credit must be noted in the source in lieu of the watermark.

Q: How many photos can we purchase from a live concert session?

A: The number of photos will be determined prior to the session.