I was asked to perform corporate photography at a professional office.  As always, I try to use natural surroundings, nearby stairways, and the client’s office to make the session “in and out”.  This situation was kind of unique because a couple of weeks later I received a phone call asking, “One of the employees in the office quit. What do you suggest we do? We just had the photos taken?”

A common problem in corporate photography

The beauty of modern digital photography and editing software–unwanted items can be removed–and even people!

I told the client there was no reason for me to go to the office to do another photo shoot because I could remove the employee from the photograph using Photoshop. Yes, the digital age saved the company money and the employee was erased without a trace.

Group photos are not “snap and run”

Group photos are time-consuming during a session and in post-production (editing) because there is always somebody who a) blinks, b) looks away, c) makes an odd gesture, or d) is fussy or over-concerned with his/her appearance AKA “difficult” to deal with (e.g., my hair is funny, my nose is big, I want to look thinner, I want to look younger, can you give me boobs)

People often think adding one or two more people to a family or corporate portrait is easy to do without considering the aforementioned issues that create considerable more time onsite and in post-production. It is easier to remove a person at times than to add one. There is always the question “Can  you make me look younger” which I address in the articles about portraits and re-touching.  Also, I will be doing a series on “bad photography” which includes examples of retouching to the point the person resembles a mannequin. Stay tuned, folks!

Group Photo_No Luis-Website Resolution

The original photo had four people 😉

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