CHYRISSE Photography is owned and operated by Chyrisse Tabone, who is also the editor of Rock At Night magazine, which covers music events in major cities throughout the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, The Netherlands, France, Germany, and Norway.  Chyrisse has extensive experience in music photography in the US and UK.


Chyrisse Tabone

About Chyrisse

Since a child, Chyrisse has been fascinated with capturing and documenting moments in history–if not family outings, parties, and travel then through her experiences in journalism in her early college days.  Her first camera was an old Brownie she was given as a child.  She later evolved into using the cherished Kodak Instamatic and Canon Powershot as a teen. Her interest in photography was that of a hobby for years and even branched into video-making in college (she made a documentary in Venezuela).  She dabbled in black and white film photo journalism and dark room photo developing during her tenure as editor of the college newspaper.  As an adult she discovered public access television, later producing and starring in a live weekly public access television show in Tampa, Florida for 2 1/2 years during the early Millennium.

After years of putzing around photography for years, she became very serious after she was gifted her first Nikon DSLR camera. She was then able to seriously pursue photography, focusing on live music photography.  Being a multi-instrumentalist herself gave Chyrisse a unique eye for capturing the energy of playing music during live events. Her background in painting and color gave her a sense of composition and her professional background in technical fields gave her the mechanical background to understand the science behind light and the camera.  After years of hands-on application and mastering of computer software editing, she began pursuit of photography on the professional level–aiming to capture the excitement of live music, the beauty of a mature woman, the essence of a beloved pet, the regalness of a stately home, or aura of power of a corporate executive.

Chyrisse’s Approach

Chyrisse describes her favorite photography, “I really like to photograph rock musicians and seniors. I know it sounds odd but I really get enjoyment out of re-capturing the spark and youth of an person who has a little mileage yet ‘thinks like a 16-year-old’. People should look as good as they feel.” Her personal approach towards Photoshop or re-touching techniques is to enhance naturally and not “create a cartoonish or mannequin look” often seen today in social media photos.  She says, “Nothing irks me more than seeing a person with a plastic face with no contours or texture–total airbrush.”

She also warns about photography in general saying, “There are a lot of people that think buying a DSLR camera makes them a photographer or a professional but it took me many years to master the technique of not only using the camera but the software used in modern photography. One has to work under many conditions–harsh or low lighting, limited time frame, or inclement weather–to appreciate capturing a photo in ideal situations.

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Chyrisse and John Robb

Chyrisse and John Robb in London

Chyrisse back stage at a festival